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Marketing to High Earning Millennials


When marketing to, for either goods and services or a job you must consider the environmental sustainability of your company.  Millennials have grown up with more awareness about where there products come from, making companies feel obliged to disclose that information. The decision to buy from or work for your company could depend on those answers.

When holding a client appreciation event this also becomes a consideration. I am often asked by this group if the wine and food that I am providing is organic or has been grown in a sustainable manner. Brands Must Become More Sustainable Or Suffer – Vocativ The social shift is also coming from high-profile tastemakers and celebrities. HBR also notes that the celeb set cares a lot more about sustainability these days than ever, citing Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo as celebs who have made movies about …






Much has been written about how millennials aren’t loyal to brands or even to their employers. If their wants and desires are being met, they are indeed loyal. They have different values than their parents so loyalty programs have to be different to meet their needs. They tend to be looking for experiences that meet their values and fit in their busy schedules.

Data and  interviews with industry consultants, shows that most Millennials are seeking a personal connection with brands—something loyalty programs can help foster if done right. Client appreciation events that recognize that a company values the millennial not only as a client but as a person as well is one way of doing this. The restaurant and food industry is growing at a rapid rate, largely due to the influence of this affluent young market seeking different wine and food experiences. the Mysterious Millennial – QSR magazine (press release) (registration) Charles Wiedenhoft, director of strategy planning at marketing agency Red Door Interactive says there is a certain core set of values restaurants should know when appealing to Millennials. “Values I hear a lot about are things like … Among the 346 …





Some interesting thoughts from the leaders of five very diverse companies on how to stay ahead of the marketing curve that is moving so fast and working with a younger consumer. The companies range from operating fitness clubs, to jewelry retailing, commerce, personalized luxury clothing and a line of luxury handbags.  Here are some salient thoughts when it comes to developing loyalty in today’s market. The complete article follows.

Daniella Yacobovsky: “The small touches of customer service, and small elements that feel human, whether they are a personalized thank-you note; the care we take in packaging an order [or] the bonus treat if we know it’s your birthday. The human elements are what keep her excited to come back and interact with us.”

Marc Lore: “It comes down to the little touch points. It is the little things together that build a brand and build emotional connections with consumers. It’s the handwritten notes, what the messaging is on the error page, all the little things that you think don’t really matter collectively create brand differentiation.”


“What is one thing about marketing to Generation Z that keeps you up at night?

Carlos Becil: I don’t see it as marketing to them, but what is the experience I am going to create for them? As we think about the fitness club for Gen Z or Millennials, it is not really a one- or two-hour stop in their day. If I want them to have a commitment to the brand, how do I get them to feel they belong, and be part of the community? That requires an investment in technology and thinking about how we adapt our environment and programming.”

Your industry may be different but it is still all about how you make them feel. Forward: Five High-Tech Leaders on How to Stay Ahead of the Curve – WWD How do you stay ahead of trends, ahead of a market that is moving so fast? Carlos Becil: I’m always looking outside of the fitness category for trends. We are in the service business, so I draw inspiration from luxury hospitality and retail brands, and …




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Marketing With Wine: Smarter strategies to attract, engage and retain high value clients.

Long Form Content: Is it still the answer?

We keep hearing about the short attention spans of modern readers and viewers. We hear about the competition to be heard in all the noise of the net. Yet in the last few months we are hearing more and more about how people want long form content, not the typical 140-character sound bit of today. One article even cites rumours that Twitter is considering increasing the limit to 10,000 characters. Marketers have always found that the long form sales letter with a good storyline works well. Is now the time to bring back the long form. Here are some opinions from around the net?Some argue that short form is better for branding while long form helps the call-to-action.


What’s behind the shift towards long form content by the Guardian, Facebook, Snapchat et al? – The Drum

What’s behind the shift towards long form content by the Guardian, Facebook, Snapchat et al? – The Drum In the last 18 months alone we’ve witnessed the launch of Facebook Instant Articles, the Guardian’s ‘The Long Read’, Snapchat Discover and more, putting a world of long form content at our fingertips. Now even Twitter – once sold as “a short burst of …


The answer to long form versus short form is so sought after that advertisers are being asked to help fund research into the issue.

Advertisers invited to help tackle the short-form, long-form video debate through $1m fund – The Drum invited to help tackle the short-form, long-form video debate through $1m fund – The Drum Advertisers are being urged to help solve the long-running effectiveness battle between short-form and long-form video by testing campaigns through a $1m fund formed to usher in a more mobile-centric approach to the media in the UK. The initiative was …


Vox Pop: Are consumers longing for long-form in marketing? – The Drum Pop: Are consumers longing for long-form in marketing? – The Drum Among many of the marketers who call on us for content and copywriting support, however, there seems to be an assumption that long-form copy is irrelevant in a fast-paced multi-channel world – regardless of their business goals or the reader’s preferences.

How do you think this is going to play out in 2016? Long form or short form for marketing. Comment below.

Some Alternatives to Traditional Wine for Celebrating Valentine’s

While Champagne or other sparkling wines are the traditional wines for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, sometimes you are looking for something different. This article by J.M. Kurt offers some German alternatives


Wine Talk: Some German Wines for Valentines – Woodbridge Town News (press release)

Wine Talk: Some German Wines for Valentines – Woodbridge Town News (press release) It is time to take a little different approach to wine for Valentine’s Day. A few years ago some nice sparkling wine may have filled the bill. Some Champagne or Prosecco would do nicely for a Valentine’s Day dinner. After a few years those wines may …

Another good idea about alternatives. Stay home, keep it simple and make it a great day

The Wine Cellar: Good food, wine make Valentine’s Day at home exceptional – Tribune-Review

The Wine Cellar: Good food, wine make Valentine’s Day at home exceptional – Tribune-Review TribuneD on’t panic if you haven’t made restaurant reservations for Valentine’s Day. Stay calm, and Cupid’s arrow will find its true mark. Eating out on Valentine’s Day can be exciting with a fancy restaurant meal and bottle of wine. But staying home for a …

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Happy Valentine’s,


Valentine’s Treats

Whipping up the perfect Valentine’s Day meal – CTV News presented a show on creating a Valentine’s meal for that special someone. Here are my pairing suggestions.
Wine matches for Chateaubriand would include big reds such as an Australian or Californian Cabernet Sauvignon or a Bordeaux such a wine from Pauillac, France

For the lobster I would go with a Champagne (which also works for the lobsters below) or a nice Burgundy.

To match with the oysters any bone dry white with minerally or flinty qualities: Sauvignon Blancs from France’s Loire River such as Sancerre or Pouily Fume.

For the passion fruit soufflé I would pair it with a Muscat such as Bistro Semi Sweet Muscat 2011 from Hungary’s Tokaj Hétszölö or Kourtaki Muscat of Samos from Greece.


Iron Chef Rob Feenie shares the lowdown on how to make the perfect meal for that special someone.

Not on vinegar: traditional mignonette is made with red wine vinegar; you can also use Champagne vinegar. To open oysters you will need oyster knife (available at any cooking store). Prepare your oyster platter by lining it with ice (any platter large … Whipping up the perfect Valentine’s Day meal – CTV News